Ethically Farmed & Sourced

New Zealand has always been a world leader in ethical farming. Free-range farming is common, with everything from sheep to deer to tuna allowed to live and grow in a healthy natural environment. And there are high standards of animal welfare that every farm has to meet. And we’ve set our own standards even higher. We do everything we can at Tu Meke Friend to ensure we source our ingredients from the most ethical farms around, because we want to know that there’s purity and trust in everything we make for your pet.


Free Range Beef, Lower South Island

The bottom of the South Island, one of our key farming regions, is a long way from everywhere. Which means less distractions for our farmers and more time spent farming high quality beef.


Free Range Lamb, Waikato Region, North Island

The Waikato region is famous for its dairy cows. It’s a little unfair that they get all the attention, because Waikato farms are one of the places we source the world’s best quality lamb.

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Free Range Beef, Hawke’s Bay, North Island

Some of our best beef is farmed in Hawke’s Bay. It’s one of the first places to see the sun eachday, so our farmers get a headstart on growing nutritious grass to raise strong, healthy beef.


Free Range Beef, Taranaki, North Island

There are three things Taranaki is famous for: its awesome snow-capped mountain, epic surf, and lots of good green grass. It’s the perfect place toraise some of our best high quality beef.


Free Range Beef, South Wairarapa, North Island

Many of our farms are in South Wairarapa,with rolling hills and valleys for the cattle to climb.There’s no lazy cows here. They stay fit and lean,producing high quality beef.